This query greatly reduces the complexity of building your own booking process on an external website. It calculates for a given time period the prices, taking into account things like special offers, booking restrictions, price conditions etc.

Action name: quotePrices

Fields in the json-encoded "data" parameter:


fromdate Dtrue
tilldate Dtrue
babysbabys that do not require a full-sized bed  


NOTE: DO NOT use this action for lists of units. The response is very detailed and only intended for a unit / property page / booking process. Use the live query search to get prices for search results.


Sample result:

{"mandatory": [{         "service": {             "constrain": true,             "mandatory": true,             "type": "RENT",             "id": 446,             "name": "Miete"         },         "price": 5500,         "calculation": "NIGHT",         "charge": "CUSTOMER",         "season": "Saison C",         "fromdate": "2015-09-20",         "tilldate": "2015-09-25",         "timespan": 5,         "total": 27500,         "timeLabel": "Nächte"     }, {         "service": {             "mandatory": true,             "type": "FINALCLEANING",             "id": 449,             "name": "Endreinigung"         },         "price": 4500,         "calculation": "FLAT",         "charge": "CUSTOMER",         "total": 4500     }.... }
"optional": [{ ..... }] "onsite": [], "onsiteOptional": [], "usage": [], "errors": {}, "warnings": {}, "paymentSchedule": {     "prepayment": {         "date": "2015-07-31",         "amount": 8300,         "percent": 2500     },     "rest": {         "date": "2015-08-30",         "amount": 24950,         "percent": 7500     } }, "optionValidFor": 3 



Response sections


mandatoryservices that need to be paid for, for example rent
optionalservices that can be booked optionally, for example bed linen
onsiteservices that need to be paid on site, they will not be invoiced by vOffice
onsiteOptionalservices that need to be paid on site, but can be booked optional
usageservices that need to be paid by usage, for example electricity, gas etc.
errorserrors that are blocking the booking process, for example the unit is already occupied in the selected period
warningswarnings that are not blocking the booking process
paymentSchedulepayment schedule (prepayment, rest payment, full payment etc.)
optionValidForif making an option is possible in addition to a booking, these are the days the option will be valid for



Error codes




maxbedsblocktoo many persons, booking is not possible
maxbedstoo many persons, should request bunkbeds
minpersonsnot enough persons
maybeavailableno prices found for the rental
baddaynot a arrival / departure day, allowed days in details
mingapif arrival is not on a previous departure, there needs to be a minimum gap
minstayfillminimum stay unless a gap is filled