Get the availability, possible arrival/departure days and minimum stays for one unit. Intended for a single unit view.

Action name: getCal

Fields in the json-encoded "data" parameter:


unitunit id true




Sample result:

{     "availability": ["N", "N", "Y",... ],     "changeOver": ["X", "X", "X", "X",... ],     "availabilityUpdate": "2015-07-18T01:00:03Z",     "minStay": [7, 7, 7, 7, 5, 5, ....] }


Response sections


availabilityavailability: N=not available, Y=available, Q=on request; Arrival = N; Departure = Y
minStayminimum stay in nights
changeOverX=no action possible, C=check-in/out, O=check-out only, I=check-in only
availabilityUpdatetimestamp the calendar was updated, first entries of each section is this day