Get all availabilities and optionally booking-restrictions.


Action name: getAvailabilities


Optional parameters:


changeOverinclude possible changeover daystrue
minStayinclude minimum stay informationtrue
updatedSinceshow only availabilities, that have been updated since this datee.g. 2015-06-05T09:53:43Z


NOTE: The maximum number of results is currently 128 (may vary). If there are more units, the result will contain a field called "lastid". You will need to include it as parameter for subsequent calls to get the next chunk of results.


NOTE: changeOver and minStay are another representation of the booking-restrictions (action 'getUnits'). Please request either these ones OR the booking-restrictions of getUnits.


ChangeOver and minStay can be empty, simply because no booking restrictions have been entered yet by the customer. Or they may not have been entered completely for the whole period. In that case any booking is valid, as long as the availability is checked.

Sample result:

{units: [ {
    _id: 23423,      availability: [NNNYYYYNNN...],     changeOver: [XXXXIIIIOOOCCC....],     minStay: [3333377777777333...],     availabilityUpdate: "2015-06-05T09:53:43Z" }, {
   _id: 23424,    ....,   }

Each section consists of an array of days. The first day is the value of "availabilityUpdate". Max size is 1095.


N = not available
Y = available
Q = on request

The arrivalday is marked as not available, the departureday is marked as available.

The array will not be larger than the last booking, the last item in the array stands for the rest of the period. So if there are no bookings yet, you will only get [Y].


X=no action possible, C=check-in/out, O=check-out only, I=check-in only

Minimum Stay

A booking has to be at least this long.